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Link for Python logging

Note to self: when you get time, figure out how to do logging, as a general practice: here is a nice link to get you started.

Debugging python deadlocks

Sometimes, a python script just gives up and hangs. Even Ctrl-C does not exit the program. You do not have to have a loop with a catch-all except command or ...

Extending Python using C

For an introduction to extending python using C, via PyObject and the like, take a look at this tutorial.

PEP8-style indentation in vim

How do you automatically get vim to do PEP8-style indentation for python code? Look up this blog post which references this vim script. It has also been adde...

Removing lines in matplotlib

To remove lines the object oriented way in matplotlib (using axes, etc.) take a look at my tuner program for an example. Alternatively, look at the fitzhugh-...

Non-blocking input in python

Use the select module in python for non-blocking input. Look at my tuner program for an example of its usage.

Check PEP8 formatting for python

In order to check errors in python formatting, use pep8 (installed with pip). In order to correct these errors automatically, use autopep8.