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Numpy float sizes

Numpy uses 64-bit floats by default, although supposedly this is implementation dependent. If you are reading this several years from now, then you will have...

C++ stdlib manpages

In order to look at the C++ man pages, do a man std_<blah>. For example, man std_list or man std_complex. To see what man pages are available, do an ap...

Change hyperlink colors in LyX

To change the colours of hyperlinks from the default pink, put \hypersetup{urlcolor=blue} in the LaTeX preamble. Check these out for more options: http://tex...

Exporting to pdf from vim

Export a vim file in whole or in part to postscript using :hardcopy > Then use ps2pdf <> to convert to pdf.

Word count in vim

Use g<C-g> to find the word count of a document. Also works in visual mode.


Apparently, Artha uses a backend program called wn, which is a CLI to the WordNet lexical database. man wn for more.

conio.h on linux

Found an SO answer that gives a unix implementation of conio functions! I implemented a test code for it here.

Change the default GUI editor

To change the default GUI editor, you simply need to change the corresponding records in the file /usr/share/applications/defaults.list. I just went there an...

Vim modelines

If vim does not detect a filetype correctly, then you can add a modeline at the top of the file (first or second line, I think), which tells vim the filetype...